Ukrainian food from Kalyna kitchen

Welcome to Kalyna, your Ukrainian store with a licensed kitchen and catering services. Our menu boasts a variety of Ukrainian dishes crafted with care and tradition.

Enjoy perogies with potato and fried onions, or indulge in options like potato and cheddar, and a savory blend of potato, cheddar, and bacon. Delight in pierogies with sauerkraut, or a mushroom and potato combination. Our meat-filled perogies include options with pork and beef, chicken, turkey, and a mix of four meats.

Savor the rich flavors of our cabbage rolls (holubtsi) with various fillings such as rice and beef, rice and mushrooms, rice and bacon, and rice with sautéed onions in butter. Our potato pancakes (deruny), hand-grated and skillfully fried by our Ukrainian chef, are served with creamy sour cream. Crepes with sweet cottage cheese (nalysnyky) are accompanied by our homemade sour cream, containing only cream and bacteria, no unnecessary additives.

Choose from a selection of cakes, including our bestseller, honey cake (medivnyk). Savor the traditional Ukrainian delight with our makivnyk, a circular sweet bun enriched with poppy seeds. Explore our salads with classics like Beets Salad (vinaigrette), Potato Salad by Olivier, and Herring Salad (shuba). At Kalyna, we bring the authentic taste of Ukraine to your table, ensuring every dish is a celebration of Ukrainian culinary heritage.